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The GWN Payments app will be available to install in the main Operation systems in the market: Android & iOS. It can be installed in Phones & Tablets without any restrictions to send and receive payments with your token & with Bitcoin. The App can be customize for your company. More Info at


Generate a QR CODE to connect payments with your digital wallet


Every section will guide you to finish the process during payments


People can pay with your Company token or with Bitcoin.


A cross-border payment in GWN can take minutes, or even seconds to clear – as opposed to several days of clearance time (potentially) with fiat transfers.


Processing fees for GWN payments are typically 1% or less. On credit card transactions, businesses pay an interchange fee of 1% to 3% per transaction, plus processing fees and other charges set by the merchant services provider.


Our calculator will convert the amount that you need to pay in your Company Token or BITCOIN all in real time.


While some merchants look at the volatility of cryptocurrencies as a risk, like I talked about earlier, other merchants see it as an opportunity.
They see it as a chance to invest money into an asset to generate more money in the end. In other words, some merchants expect the value of cryptocurrencies to be higher in the future.
Currently, the prediction of these merchants has come out to be correct so far.

You will know that the transaction cost is an important thing to consider when picking a payment provider since they can be pretty hefty.
For typical payment gateways, the industry-standard transaction fee is 2.9% + 30¢.
When scaling up your store, the total cost for your transaction fees can become significant.
Crypto payment gateways offer a much lower transaction fee, which is a significant advantage compared to regular payment gateways.
The transaction fee will often be lower than 1% regardless of the number of monthly orders you have! Some crypto payment gateways even offer a transaction fee of 0% (but you will have to pay a fee when withdrawing your payments).

While many people buy cryptocurrencies as an investment instead of an actual payment method, others love buying products with cryptocurrencies.
These reasons include lower costs, higher speeds, better security, and having full control over your funds.
To attract crypto buyers even more, you might consider showing your product prices converted in your visitor’s favorite coins.
The only thing that is difficult to measure exactly is how many of your sales wouldn’t take place if you wouldn’t have accepted cryptocurrencies such as GWN Coin or Bitcoin as a payment method.
Would everyone just pay with a traditional payment method such as a Credit card or PayPal, or would some people abandon the checkout after finding out that they can’t pay with crypto?

The number of sales that will be paid using cryptocurrencies will probably be less than 5%. Still, the millennial generation will probably appreciate that you took the effort to set up a cryptocurrency payment option in your checkout process!

In the last few years, it has become clear that established businesses such as Microsoft, PayPal, and Square are starting to recognize that cryptocurrencies are a big thing and won’t leave the picture anytime soon.


Receiving Crypto Payments

Here is a list of businesses where you can pay with the GWN or Bitcoin currency around the world. You can be here receiving benefits from these types of payments. Don’t be left behind.

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